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Welcome to the site for all lovers of erotic entertainment. Here you will find professional stripper for a variety of erotic shows. We share passion of opur Prague strippers for the art of striptease and their craft and are here to help with any questions you may have. You can order a stripper anytime and practically anywhere, you don't need to arrange any special place, the stripper will come to you in a bar or in a private apartment. Choose a costume or a stripper and get ready for a great show.

Stripper Anthony


Costume: Policeman, Gentleman, Worker
Price : 4000 kč

Stripper Neo


Costumes : Police man, JAC, Fireman

Price : 4000 kč

Stripper Leo


Costumes: Plumber, Fireman 

Price: 4500 kč

Discover Stripper in Prague - Best Male Strip in Praha Guaranteed

All About Our Strip Show

Thinking of adding some spice to your upcoming event in Prague? Our professional strippers are ready to bring excitement and unforgettable experiences, even if you decide at the last minute. Whether you are planning a celebration in the garden, a bachelorette party in a vibrant Prague bar or an intimate evening in your private apartment, our male dancers are ready to add an unusual charge to your event. A classic striptease with or without lapdance performance is an artistic spectacle full of elegance and sensuality, and it usually lasts about 8 minutes. However, if you want to prolong and intensify the experience, you can opt for a show with more dancers. 
Such  a special strip performance can last approximately 9 minutes, during which your senses will melt in the rhythm and beauty of the movement. The price for an unforgettable experience starts at 4000 CZK, which is a great investment in entertainment that will be the centre of attention and talked about long after. Let yourself be carried away by a wave of emotions and treat yourself and your guests to a show that will stir up the atmosphere and become an unforgettable experience. Our strippers are here for you to make every moment perfect. Discover Stripper Show  in Prague tonight or tomorow  - Best Male Strip in Praha Guaranteed. Use the form or send us a message.

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