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Looking for Mobile Striptease Services in Prague? Get 7 min at home mobile lapdance at 3000CZK. We come to any location. Our striptease agency provides top services in the field of striptease performances, which are available all over Prague and its surroundings, including the popular destination - of Central Bohemia. Make your celebration unforgettable and treat your guests to an extraordinary experience full of lapdance fun. We look forward to your requests and promise that our strip show will be the right spice for your every party!

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is an interactive contact dance by one or more strippers that draws your guests right into the action.  And don't worry -  there's no need for a special place or a big reason to celebrate. Women's or men's striptease in Prague will add fun to any party and you will surely become the star of the evening among your friends. Whether you are planning a strip show for a bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday, or just want something out of the ordinary for your party, an exclusive striptease is the right choice that is guaranteed to impress and entertain.

Prague Mistress Stripper Exotic BDSM Strip Show

Prague Exotic Dancers

An exotic female dancer is ready to fulfil your wishes and organize a truly original surprise not only in Prague. Try something new and daring with a Prague stripper who is guaranteed to enliven any party with her unusual female striptease. There is not only classic women's striptease, but also contact couple striptease shows. The performance will be enriched by, for example, with whipped cream, body shots, and costumes of mistresses, nurses, policewomen or flight attendants. Forget inhibitions and let yourself be carried away by the fun - we'll take care of everything! Enjoy a strip show in Prague with a friendly atmosphere, which we will gladly prepare for you! You can order a standard women's striptease for as little as CZK 3,000.

Prague Male Stripper Available for Single or Duo Strip Show

Male Strippers

A professional muscular Prague stripper usually presents himself in minimal clothing during his performances, which is a signal to him that he must be in excellent physical condition in order to reveal and impressively present his figure. The stripper from Prague is a true professional who not only works with a personal trainer but also follows a specially adjusted diet to maintain his body shape at the highest possible level. To make the men's strip show even more attractive and dynamic, our male strippers use various props that add extra flair to their performance. Book a men's striptease immediately - the price for a men's striptease starts from CZK 4,000.

When and how to order striptease? 

Whether you prefer men's or women's striptease, we will be happy to help you with the organization directly in Prague or the surrounding area. You can choose the place yourself - it will be a popular restaurant, a stylish bar, a dance club, a cozy lounge or your home. Imagine the excitement when a sexy stripper performs right in your apartment, house or cottage! If you liike to book stripper in a special location such as boat or limousine send us an email at least a couple days before your reservation. If you just want to make your evening more funny, call or text us anytime to book your stripper. 

Striptease in Prague

In Prague, many places are open to striptease in public. Most restaurants have private lounges available for this purpose.  We will provide an unusual program tailored to your audience.

Length of the Striptease Show

A standard show is usually 7 to 10 minutes long, with each performance a unique blend of dance, music and visual effects. Contact us for more information or to book a performance now.
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We are ready to meet your expectations and organize an unforgettable women's or men's striptease exactly according to your ideas. With a friendly attitude and attention to detail, we will make sure that your entertainment is not only exciting but also fresh and unique.

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